Wearing Suits and meeting the President

Amos Wekesa meeting the President

Amos Wekesa meeting the President

I have to put on suits a bit more because my children don’t get this suit thing.

Zion asks? Dad, are you getting married? I ignore him. Again, why are you smart daddy? Are you going to marry mum?

I tell him, its unfortunately a normal way of dressing for many people……

Anyway, i made sure i was dressed in a suit for yesterday because i didn’t want anybody to say Wekesa we couldn’t listen to you because of your jeans.

I led a formidable group of tourism investors as a chairman for a negotiation for the tourism industry. With the support from the team, i did the presentation. We got the President in a good mood yesterday. He understood our points.


Our keys points were?

Marketing of Uganda

National carrier

Taxes on filming

Taxes on general tourism( we all agreed that tourism is an invisible export)

Tourism training school( we think if trained well, Uganda can handle hospitality jobs are a higher level)

Conservation…..we asked the president to look into the laws and general management of wildlife……

Someone had to brave yesterday…..


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