The Journey to Spain starts


Kylan Wekesa with Mark Namanya on a KLM Flight. Credit: Amos Wekesa

I am traveling to Spain with Mark Namanya Editor of The Daily Monitor and Joseph Owino The CEO of Kawowo Sports.

In Spain media houses are going to cover our being there. Mark, Kylan and Joseph are actually excited meeting these big players but as for me, I want to access there followers.

Messi has over 80 million followers on Facebook with another 15 million on Twitter and if you can convince him to take a picture at the source of the Nile and with our mountain gorillas, our tourism can’t never be the same.

Gabon paid 3.5 million dollars for him to turn up there and of curse lots of attention turned there!! Uganda needs people who will endorse it as a country to visit!!

Adidas pays these guys millions of dollars for them to endorse them. that is my desire this time round.

Trying doesn’t hurt!!

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