Some business ideas

I left Kampala yesterday morning for a new year entry in a national park this time round and yes, traveled through Mityana and Mubende.

My wife packed some eats for us but couldn’t pack a nice stopover for use along the way!! I am willing to offer free advice to whoever wants to invest in a good stopover between Kampala and Fortportal!!

I have ideas but start by buying land and I would recommend 65kms from Busega round about which is also 6 Kms from Mityana town close to supplies and next to a swamp.

There are three swamps 6kms between each, the further the cheaper!! The second place should be between Mubende and Fortportal, I would go for land near the forest! The priority would be a very clean toilet, craft center, nice restaurant, internet place, good parking one could be for buses but separate!! Growing such a business would need a patience, focus, but doesn’t need to run everything. Can lease out eating place, craft place, general shop etc