My journey back from London

2rd Leg of my trip(Amsterdam to entebbe)!!
Our departure from London was delayed by 20minutes and that meant we had very little connecting time ago Amsterdam. On arriving my gate after running through the airport, I ask a guy if he was lining up for a flight to Entebbe and he says yes. 

So I tell him I thought I wasn’t going to make it and since my connecting flight delayed in London!! 

He asks me whether I live and work in London to which I say no and I ask him where is based and he says, one month in kenya, one in the US, one Uganda etc. he seemed very educated and the only down side was the fake American accent and I could tell he was from Samia land because Samia accent kept surfacing. 

Again, as we enter our plane to take up our seats, the hostesses go UGANDA, A short conversation then I continue……. He tells me he is a researcher and ask me what I do and I tell him I work for Great Lakes safaris ltd and Uganda and yes, my boss sends me to many assignments. 

Our in discussion, I could tell traveling was a big deal to him and yes, a source of potential pride. Anyway, he says, you must be enjoying traveling and am like at 42yrs, traveling isn’t fun anymore( spending so much time in planes sucks, weather issues, food issues and missing my family is another big thing). But yes, I must work in order to pay my family bills and other peoples bills sometimes!!

I take up a seat somewhere in the middle of the plane and all I wanted to do was black out because I was so tired…….as I start sleeping, a hostess comes to ask me if I wanted to be upgraded to business class since I had lots of mileage covered and I said yes because it could give me better rest and meanwhile Ugandans who had been observing say oh we love that Tshirt!! Meanwhile, I arrive at the airport the immigration officer goes, welcome back home and I thank her for it………those days when everything works by Gods grace!! Thank you for all your prayers been tough and worth it!!

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