Meeting the billionaire hotelier

Having a dinner with business partners in Berlin. Credit: Great Lakes Safaris.

Having a dinner with business partners in Berlin. Credit: Great Lakes Safaris.

Yesterday was an interesting day.At 1.45pm, an American friend arranges for me to meet a billionaire not in shillings but dollars( yes, who wouldn’t want to chat with one even me with my bufew shillings people want to me, I know you don’t believe it but it’s true). I go along with Stephen Asiimwe

The advantage is that the daughter had visited uUgandaand she thinks Uganda is a gem that the world must discover.

After a few minutes of chatting, he calls his wife to meet us which was nice. The guy owns lots of top quality hotels around the world and yes, we pitched Uganda as an investment destination…..God willing he might invest someday…..
Our target as Great Lakes safaris was to meet 40 tour operators also called whole sellers throughout the 5 days.

Over dinner last night, we met 40 tour operators less those we met during the day very nice…..the best scenario is not meeting many operators but because Uganda is not popular, one needs many in order to get the required numbers.

Like I said before, these whole sellers send tourists to so many countries and they prefer sending tourists to already popular destinations.

Top destinations appeal to consumers through persuasive adverts on channels like CNN, BBC etc which costs million dollars then the whole sellers take advantage by creating packages.

The moment we start advertising Uganda many of these operators will then include us in their brochures and yes, instead of working with operators as an individual operator, we shall simply work with one or two.

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