Don’t leave it all for the striker! Teamwork will win

Spent the morning playing football with friends in Lubowa. Credit: Amos Wekesa

Amos Wekesa playing football recently. He lives to be a lone striker Credit: Amos Wekesa

Nations, families, businesses, etc are like football teams. A football team needs strikers, midfielders, defenders and yes, a goal keeper.

For a nation, the strikers are the politicians, midfield is composed of businessmen and women and not sure who the defense and goal keepers are but I assume the general population.

In family the striker is the father sometimes the mother and that striker must make sure he or she coordinates very well with the rest the family members for the sake of the families survival and growth…..Same in a business, If I woke up as Wekesa Amos being the striker in both my family and business and thought I can do without the mid field (Amy Wekesa) and the defense (Kylan, Aliyah and Zion Wekesa), I would be lying to myself.

The same would be true with Great Lakes Safaris, if I made all the decisions without consulting the rest of the GLS team.

We wouldn’t have survived and grown over the last almost 14 yrs and yes, if I woke up and changed my mind and became a lone striker, those teams including myself would collapse.

As a striker in Great Lakes Safaris every time proposals for expenditure are presented, I ask where incomes are because I believe that spending without being mindful of incomes for lack of better word unserious.
You may be asking yourselves, why I am laboring you with this? After posting my thoughts on what I think we should do with the popes visit, I get a call from one big man, not the top. He says, committees have been formed and proposals for expenditure have been submitted and waiting for cabinet approval…..I am like what’s our game plan? He says, we have to spend on security, accommodation, transport blur blur all expenditures, no national benefit strategy.

I ask, have you consulted the mid field? Who are the mid field he asks? The business men who toil hard for those taxes? There is this assumption in Uganda, that money in government coffers is free money!! It isn’t. It is money earned through sweat by the general population and yes, business families suffer even more!! This country will continue to suffer because the strikers first suck dry the midfield and the defense and yes, then play the game alone. Yes, you and I must also ask ourselves, are we lone strikers in our businesses? In our families?

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