My Story

Amos Wekesa at his Office in Kampala-Uganda. Credit: Internet

Amos Wekesa at his Office in Kampala-Uganda. Credit: Internet

Amos Wekesa was born on the 22nd April, 1974 in a little border town of Lwakhakha. This is in the Mbale region which is in the East of Uganda. Mine was a poor family. “Compared to rest of the village we were indeed the poorest”. It was indeed a challenging time, by the age of 5 I was involved in cross border smuggling in order to help my family survive.

Unlike most children, I did not go to school until the age of nine. This was because my Dear parents simply could not afford to pay my school fees. At this time I was adopted by the Salvation Army in Tororo town, which too is in Eastern Uganda. While with the Salvation Army, I was able to attain primary and secondary education. On completing my A level’s

It dawned on me that I would not be able to continue my education in spite of passing, due to lack of school fees. I did not even fill in the forms to apply to an Institution of Higher learning so as to further my education. As you can see, without proper career guidance, I found myself in a situation wholly dependent on chance.

As a parent I am determined not to leave anything to chance when it comes to my children’s education and well being. I have an eleven year old son and to his credit, he has been to all the National Parks in Uganda. The rationale behind this is to give him as much exposure as possible such that when he does become of age, he will be able to make a good, sound and informed decision.

After my A levels I pursued a nine month diploma course in airways, tours, and travel. To do this course I had to travel to Kampala, which for me at the time seemed like traveling to another world altogether. Sadly as I was finishing my diploma, my beloved guardian passed away. Just as things were beginning to look up, calamity came on my path.

Amos Wekesa in 2001

Amos Wekesa in 2001

I was at crossroads, it was either returning to my village or stay in Kampala and look for employment. I opted to stay in Kampala and with God’s grace got my first job as an office messenger at Bellex Tours and Travels.

I later worked with: Nile Safaris – Office Messenger and Habari Tours – Tour Guide

I also started one of my passions today and that is reading. In addition, I opened my first bank account, with the resolve and determination to make something of myself. Until this day I do have a bank account.

My savings target was $200 and on reaching that target I was able to register and open the doors of Great Lakes Safaris. By Gods grace yet again we got our most defining break when an adulatory article was published on the 23rd November, 2002 in the Washington Times by Tom Carter.

Tom Carter had come to Uganda as part of a malaria research team along with 5 colleagues. They were recommended to a new start up Tour Company by the names of Great Lakes Safari’s and little did I know at the time that Tom was in fact a writer.