About me

Amos Wekesa and his family

Amos Wekesa and his family

Amos Masaba Wekesa, is the founder of Great Lakes Safaris and Uganda Lodges Limited.

Born and raised in Eastern Uganda under the guardianship of a Scottish lady, Joan Linanker, in the Salvation Army Home for less privileged children. He has an inspiring and humbling background that reflects the person he is today, a God fearing and honest leader.
He registered and opened the doors of Great Lakes Safaris in 2001 and our most defining break when an adulatory article was published on the 23rd November, 2002 in the Washington Times by Tom Carter. The rest is history!

My passion is tourism. Shakespeare once said “Every player has a part to play”, it has become abundantly clear that through the various experiences, challenges and blessings, my destiny lies in tourism. The tourism of Uganda where I hail from has yet to be fully realized. As an advocate and tourism lobbyist, I invite you to what Prime Minister Winston Churchill referred to as “The Pearl of Africa”.

I believe in integrity and honesty, determination and focus, and working with each other in order to bring out the very best in all of us. As Amos I can confidently say I am not yet there.

This is not your typical resume, but it is my resume which is intended to give you an insight into the person of Amos Masaba WEKESA from Lwakhakha.

I am a God fearing person who enjoys tourism in all its elements, there is no greater beauty than that of appreciating the hand of God’s works, reading, tennis, jogging and making friends.